There are only 3 steps to your private cloud desktop

WebPC specializes in providing the best quality cloud machines, if you are in need of one. Setting up an online virtual desktop will not take more than 10 minutes and you will reap the benefits of a responsive and anonymous workspace.

WebPC's builds are specifically designed to reduce ping and run smoothly even on smallest machines.

Desktop experience

There is no need for an external VNC client (though such option is available) to interact with the workspace.

Access via browser

All traffic between our users and the virtual desktop is encrypted to protect it from unwanted eyes.

SSL Encryption

WebPC does not require or store your personal data. We also do not use cookies that can identify you.


Cloud machines can be rented for a minimum of 2$ equivalent and top-uped for as long as needed.

Payment variability

Most crypto, Visa and Mastercard

After the checkout is initiated you will receive a unique link , where you wil be able to monitor payment and machine status. During payment process you will need to provide an email, which is required by the payment gateway provider. WebPC doesn't store your email.

WireGuard or OpenVPN

Choose between two most secure protocols to date for your private VPN. An individual server is rented for each of our customers. Experience secure self-hosted VPN deployed in minutes and ready for all your needs. Create up to 10 profiles per machine for your friends and family.

WebPC's virtual computers are software customisable

Set up your virtual desktop infrastructure with ease. There are different programs preinstalled on each cloud desktop, but you can customize the virtual workspace to your liking (You have superuser access). All files and software installed will be safe until the machine expires or is delited (which can be done at any moment).


1CPU/ 2GB Ram

1CPU/ 20TB traffic

2GB Ram/ 20GB SSD


2CPU / 4GB Ram

2CPU/ 20TB traffic

4GB Ram/ 40GB SSD


4CPU / 8GB Ram

4CPU/ 20TB traffic

8GB Ram/ 160GB SSD


8CPU / 16GB Ram

8CPU/ 20TB traffic

16GB Ram/ 240GB SSD


Simple browser




VScode + python3


Selenium tests