Privacy means no logs, no registration, private server

Personally Identifiable Information of 20 million users was leaked by most popular VPN providers. Don't become one of them. Choose between two most secure protocols to date for your private zero-knowledge VPN. An individual machine is rented for each of our customers. Experience secure self-hosted VPN deployed in minutes and ready for all your needs. Create up to 10 profiles per machine for your friends and family.

Just remember your secure account key. You can also pay with crypto for additional security.

No registration

Complete encryption for your traffic, no logs. Servers are fully wiped after use.

Data security

Reach any website from around the globe. Private servers mean only you know.

Unblocked access

Private machine means higher speed then with any other provider, also no throttling at all.

Fast Speed

Get it for as long as you need and pay how you like it, no subscription model.

Affordable and variable

Self-hosted VPN

No need to share server capabilities with others. Fastest and most secure way to use VPN. You can click to create your server in minutes. And there's no server management required.

No personal data

WebPC does not require or store your personal data. We also do not use cookies that can identify you.

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